She Leads Kaduna

I was super excited to be invited to speak at the She Leads Kaduna. I remember wanting to participate in the one they hosted in Abuja, but between traveling and life in general, I wasn’t able to, so I really looked forward to this opportunity.

I usually go to KD by road, but this time, I was really curious about taking the train. Everyone I had asked about it said their experience was seamless, plus ‘first class’ was only N1500 or something! So I headed out with the first train.

As you can see, it was really clean! I would have taken a picture of the station which was orderly and could have easily been in Rockville, MD, but hmm, I was late (lol) and had to run and catch the train.

I was meant to speak after noon but since I arrived early and other speaker hadn’t arrived, I went ahead and filled in.

My session was titled “from blog to sustainable business”. Spoke about building Hayati and the transition we eventually made from blog to sustainable business.

It was great getting to know all the women who attended and having the opportunity to interact with them. Between the Q&A session, bonding exercises, and numerous giveaways that day, I had an amazing time.

We ended the day on a very delicious note! Maggi served us amazing food by Chef Punshak and his crew. I also got to meet two of my fav people, Jamila (who u like to call Jam Jam) and Eniola (who is literally like my older brother).

After the day was over, I headed back to my hotel, and to my great surprise, Onoja (the mayor of Abuja) and his friends were staying there for the night as well. They were in town for a party, so I decided to join them. By the way, if you have not done so already, follow me on Snapchat @hayatimagazine.

It’s not a SheHive without goodies (lol). Dark and Lovely, as well as Pandora and Maggi, sent me home with a few gifts, which I could not wait to put to good use. Anyways, the next day I headed back to Abuja in the morning having made amazing new friends.

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