A Week With Vlisco

Until this Vlisco trip, I had been to Amsterdam a thousand times, I’m sure many of you technically have as well if you’ve flown KLM, but if you’re like me, you have never stepped out of the airport (lol). Unfortunately, I traveled during the Abuja airport closure, so I had to drive from Abuja to Kaduna, fly to Lagos and then fly to Amsterdam.

During my stop in Lagos, I went to see my best friend at her restaurant, Sugarcane, and have brunch because I was starving! If you have not already done so, you should take a trip to Sugarcane @ 6A Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island. You will love it! As per VIP (lol), I sat in the kitchen and literally ate everything. Some of you may be wondering where all the food goes… When I find out, I’ll let you know.


I was the first to get on Monday morning, so I had the whole day to walk about around and get to know the place. I stayed at the Art Hotel, which was absolutely lovely! I really want to recreate my hotel room in my future house. Anyways, I got a city map and decided to take a walk (I really do not know who sent me because I ended up regretting it). I walked like for seemed to be at least 45mins to an hour, till I realized that I had to walk back (smh). At least I got to see this lovely park and buy some nail polish.

Art Hotel

Like I said, the room decor was amazing. However, they need to work on their food menu, there were barely any items on it. It works if you’re staying for a day or two, but if like me and you’re going to be there for a week, it can get extremely tiring. Anyways, I used my time alone to catch up on work, eat and get some rest. [ps: anyone who knows me knows that I ALWAYS drink tea! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, it doesn’t matter, I need my tea.]


Next morning I got ready and headed out to my first meeting. I got downstairs a bit early so I waited in the car and FaceTimed my best friend till the others got there. Even though I’m a very outgoing person, I always get nervous when I have to meet new people. You never know which characters you’re going to fall on, but I loved meeting Asiyami, Stylista, Lanre, Trevor and the entire Vlisco team. Everyone was super friendly and the work dynamic was amazing.

So we got to the Vlisco office, I didn’t take that many pics because I was in full ‘work mode’ but I did manage to get a few snaps in here and there! You should follow me on Snapchat by the way, @hayatimagazine. So we tried on the clothes, adjustments were made where necessary, we were briefed on the week’s activities and we got to interact and get to know one another.


We began shooting, which to me was the fun part. We shot different seasons on different days so for now, I can only share S2 because the rest isn’t out yet 🙂 But we had fun, took a group photo (Asiyami, Trevor and I) which is one of my favs and then we went back and had dinner together at the hotel, with tea of course.


I was so tired from the day that I fell asleep with my makeup on; after a cup of tea and this is what happened. Don’t judge me! It happens to the best of us!!! Anyways we continued the shoot and had fun doing so as usual. Got some goodies and called it a night.

DAY 5 – 7

We shot a different season during this time, which I cannot share till it’s out, but we had fun doing so and once it was all over, I headed back home to Nigeria’s comforting heat.

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