Ndani – 5 Minutes With Naila Lauriano: Cotonou’s Rising MUA

When most Nigerians think of Cotonou they think:

  • Nigeria’s backyard
  • Nigeria’s step-child
  • Oh… That place where they sell cheap cars
  • The den of pythons
  • Land of mami water and other jazzy things loool

My point is that, when we hear Cotonou, we definitely do not think about the beauty industry, makeup artists, cool local brands, or a booming fashion center point.

Until now…

I went to Cotonou a few months ago and was surprised to see such a large network of makeup artists. They ranged from self-taught, to trained, and fully professional, but one thing they had in common was their consciousness for their craft and eagerness to draw inspiration from the thousands of celebrity makeup artists on social media.

I recently got to sit down with one of the rising MUA’s in Cotonou, Naïla Lauriano (@beatfacenaii) and ask her a few questions about their budding industry.


? Beatfacenaii@gmail.com   | ?+22966888235

How did you get started in the makeup industry?

It started out as a hobby, but after many requests from people to make them up, it turned into a business.

How is the makeup industry growing in Cotonou?

It is growing at a rapid rate! Girls are more and more interested in becoming MUAs because of social media.

What is people’s reaction to MUAs?

Here in Benin, people expect you to transform them into beauty queens to prove how good you are.

Who are the other popular MUAs?

@Nadjidath, the owner of “All in one”

What’s your favorite beauty product?

My fav product at the moment has to be the beauty blender.

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

It takes me about 20 minutes to do my everyday makeup, and about 45 minutes to slay a night out!

What’s you favorite brand?

MAC Cosmetics

Who’s your favorite MUA?

Jenny Jenkins is my all-time fav!

What would you do if your boyfriend said he didn’t want you to wear makeup?

I’ll try and change his mind lool.

What’s your best beauty advice to people?

Take care of your skin! That’s the foundation to great makeup.

* Original article was published on Ndani Lifestyle – http://ndanilifestyle.com/5-minutes-with-naila-lauriano-cotonous-rising-mua/

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